• The Nortel VPN Client creates the protected connection for VPN customers into a non-public community.
  • Once you log in via iPass and obtain the iPass display, you at the moment are authenticating during the Nortel VPN, and now not iPass.
  • If that is your first time connecting, or your pin has been reset, you’ll input best your username, and token ID.
  • The PIN box must be clean. If you’ve gotten attached earlier than, you’ll input the username, PIN, and token ID.
  • Once you are prepared to attach you’ll click on the Connect button. You could also be requested if you wish to save the relationship if that is your first time connecting. (Note you must select YES)
  • If it isn’t your first time, or the PIN has now not been reset, you’ll merely be attached at this level.
  • Enter a 4 – eight digit pin within the reaction box. Once the pin is approved you’ll input the PIN + Token ID on next connections.
  • Nortel VPN Unable to Resolve IP Host Address
  • Are you at house or resort?

    Click on Start


    Type CMD within the box and hit input (or good enough)

    At the DOS Prompt kind: ipconfig /free up and hit input

    Now kind: ipconfig /renew and hit input – verify if the IP Address modified

If Yes

  • Logon to iPASS yet again. Does this get to the bottom of the issue?

If No

If you might be at Home

  • Is there any other laptop at house (Personal PC) that is attached to the router?

    Shut the router/modem off and switch the computer off (so to free up the IP Address) flip the router/ modem again on.

    Turn the computer again on and logon to iPASS yet again.

    Does this get to the bottom of the issue?


    a. Unplug the router and plug it right into a separate outlet.

    b. Try to logon once more to iPASS.

If you might be at a Hotel

  • Is there a consent shape to be finished for get entry to?


    Double-click at the Internet Explorer

    This will deliver up the internet web page for the Hotel (house web page)

    Complete/publish the consent web page

Launch iPASS.

  • If you might be nonetheless not able to get entry to iPASS open a internet browser web page (click on on the net browser icon blue E)

    Click on Tools

    Internet Options

    Connection tab

    Settings button and take away the take a look at from the proxy server field to make use of a proxy server.

    This will disable the proxy settings.

    Click OK till you go out the web choices conversation field.

    Try to logon to iPASS yet again.

  • VPN Error Message Your Token Code Is No Longer Valid
  • Contivity VPN Client: Your Token Code is not legitimate. Please input new Token Code knowledge.

    You gets this message if the token code modified simply earlier than you pressed Enter or Connect.

    At the very left fringe of the show window of your token, you notice a column of a number of small horizontal bars.

    The longer the token code is displayed, the less bars you notice.

    Right after the code adjustments, you notice six bars. When you notice just one bar, wait a couple of seconds for the code to switch earlier than coming into it into the advised for your display.