Follow the under steps to switch the brake gentle bulb to your 2005 VW Beetle TDI:

1. Use the important thing far off or ignition key to lift the deck lid.

2. Use a flat-blade screwdriver to pry off the duvet to get entry to lens meeting. The R/H or L/H aspects lens quilt is situated in trunk of the automobile.

3. Use the palms to take away the knob of the tail gentle lens meeting. The lens meeting knob is got rid of from the lens improve stud by means of turning counter-clockwise.

4. Use a non-marring plastic trim software to pry free the lens meeting. A trim software is most popular for this restore as a result of you have got much less of an opportunity to break the transparent coat paint.

5. If a trim software isn’t to be had, position overlaying tape across the tail gentle lens. A slip of the screwdriver tip will gouge the paint leading to repainting the frame panel.

6. Carefully, paintings the trim software or screwdriver aound the lens meeting to split the lens gasket from the caulking compound at the lens improve housing.

7.Remove tail gentle lens from lens improve housing.

8. Remove the bulb socket from the tail gentle lens meeting. The bulb socket is a push have compatibility that mounts within the lens meeting. No screws are required to take away the socket. A faulty socket is changed as a separate VW phase quantity piece phase.

9.Once the bulb and socket had been got rid of, visually take a look at for cracks and burned contacts.

10. Internal corrosion can’t be observed with the eyes. A virtual multi-meter (DMM) is utilized by technicians’ and do-it-yourselfers to test electric componets for continuity.

11. A DMM is a device this is simple to learn how to use. Most trendy DMM’s have auto ranging. This mode selects the most efficient vary for volts, present, and ohms measurements. The gadgets for ohms are, (1) ohms, (2) kilohms, and (3) megohms or one (1) million ohms.

12. To measure resistance position the meter selector transfer to the OHMS place. Insert the pink lead into the pink (volt/ohms) jack and the black lead (com) jack at the multi-meter. Place the black lead on one (1) terminal of the socket. Place the pink lead at the different terminal of the socket.

13. Next, perceive what the dimension at the show manner. An “OL” studying at the show would imply that there’s an open circuit internally within the socket from corrosion or damage within the wiring. An “.000” studying at the show would point out there’s continuity right through the socket and present will have to waft to the weight (brake gentle bulb. The studying at the show of the DMM displays “.001”. This would point out the there’s continuity during the wiring and socket. The socket on this case is just right without a breaks.

14. Remove the bulb from the bulb socket. The bulb is got rid of by means of twisting relatively to disengage the ears of the bulb from the socket. The ears of the bulb mate to the slots within the bulb socket.

15. Check the bulb filament and inside connections with the DMM. To take a look at the bulb filament with the DMM, position the black lead from the meter to the shell of the bulb. Place the pink result in the bottom of the bulb. The studying at the show of the DMM confirmed “OL” or an open circuit. This studying would point out {that a} filament cord is burned out or inside corrosion within the bulb. The bulb is recognized as being faulty.


In all states, a faulty brake gentle is a security violation. If cited by means of a patrol officer, the violation will lead to a site visitors price tag. Secondly, a automobile with a faulty brake gentle won’t go the state protection inspection.

16. Obtain a brand new substitute bulb from the VW portions heart. Ask for P/N N0177836.

17. Install the brand new substitute bulb within the bulb socket with the lens got rid of.

18. Turn the ignition transfer to the “ON” place.

19. Have an assistant press at the brake pedal.

20. Check the bulb filament. It will have to be burning vivid during the bulb glass.

21. Reinstall the lens meeting within the opposite order from which it used to be got rid of.

Road check the automobile.