The Alexa traffic rank of a website is measured according to the number of visitors to a website. Ad networks use the Alexa rank of your website to determine its popularity. Your Alexa rank will have great impact, if you intend to monetize your blog by selling text links ads or sponsored ads. Here are few quick ways to improve your Alexa ranking.

1. Put an Alexa widget code on your website or blog. Grab the widget code at Alexa Rank Website, copy & paste anywhere on your site. This will keep Alexa informed about the number of times your page is loaded.

2. Use your website / blog as your browser homepage. Each time you open your browser, your site is loaded which will be counted as a visit. (I know that is not fair. Do some ethical s As of now this is how it is, so lets do it). You will have an added advantage if you work on multiple computers, like in an office, change browser home pages on all computers.

3. Download Alexa toolbar: Download the Alexa toolbar and use it every day to visit your own website. Alexa even gives you the ability to co-brand the toolbar with your own logo and give it away. Encourage your friends & family to download and use it.

4. Install FireFox Add-on: Monitor your Alexa ranking & Google PR with search status FireFox add-on. This add-on sits on the status bar and displays the Google PageRank, Alexa rank and Compete ranking anywhere in your browser, along with fast keyword density analyser, keyword/nofollow highlighting, backward/related links, Alexa info and more.

5. Install Alexa Re-direct Plug-in: The great thing about blog is, you get plug-ins for everything you can possibly imagine. There is a plug-in for Alexa Ranking too. Download wp-Alexa-redirect-0.3plug-in.

Here is how the plug-in Works:The plug-in scans the entire set of links on any page of your blog while someone is watching it and it adds a JavaScript event to each of them, which upon clicking on the link (no matter is it a Left Click or a Right Click) will prefix it with the Alexa Redirect URL: in this way the person visiting your blog will visit the desired URL by forwarding the URL to Alexa In the same time, when a Search-Engine bot like Google visits your page it will not trigger the JavaScript event, because they are not JavaScript-aware: and in this way you “Alexa-Rating boosting efforts” will not mess your Google rating and search results positions.

With these techniques, you can decrease your Alexa ranking drastically. Don’t believe it? Try it out. Note your present Alexa ranking and monitor & record once every 10 days.

Check This Website for More SEO Tips and Tricks
Check This Website for More SEO Tips and Tricks

Article Source Link by Shri Nagesh